Saturday, July 7, 2012

The End of the End

Okay, got healed up and equipped with magic lifebringing water and returned to the Eye. In doing so, my controller ran out of batteries so I had to switch to my old Gamecube controller. It was NOT MADE for 1-dimensional movement, I can tell you that. Neither the stick OR the d-pad are working as well as the wiimote's d-pad did. But never mind that.
After killing the Wizards in the Eye Room, the compass shows up out of nowhere! Hurrah for that! I now know what I already proved in the last entry, that the princess is in the Left Eye Room! It also makes the dungeon look like a Terminator. Or the guy from Treasure Planet.
I am now stuck. Patra is yet to be seen with the map, even though I've been told he has one. I refuse to believe that this quote is a useless one since NOBODY would let such a thing slide. There must be some more rooms. Luckily skulls have a specific shape, and since the dungeon is clearly meant to be symetrical, I think I know where these extra rooms would be.
DOWN GOES PATRA, HERE COMES THE MAP! HUZZAH! And it looks like there's ANOTHER room above me! This skull has bigger cheeks than I thought. Someone needs to go on a diet.
The wall goes down, as do I. This controller is shitting me to death. I get back there (drink a potion) and defeat them ALL. Nothing happens, though. I'm beginning to doubt my own brain, here. If a room doesn't have any closed doors, there's really not much point in clearing them of enemies. There's nothing to gain and everything to lose.
UNLESS. HOLD ON. THERE COULD BE A SECRET ROOM. They've been throwing bombs at me this whole time and this dungeon seems to have a fetish for bombable walls. This room can't not have a purpose.
I bomb the wall... SOMETHING THERE! WOOHOO! Enemies, but also stairs! They nearly kill me but I get through and find... a Red ring?
All that's left to do is check the rooms on the far left. Dying another time, I make my way there. It takes a while. I take half damage, though, so wizards are less of a pain. As are most others, come to think of it. It's awesome.
I get to below the unseen rooms, but bombing them doesn't do anything. I'll try going from the right... the first one doesn't open from the right, either. Maybe the room above it can be entered? Nope. The one above that? There is no one above that. I bomb it anyway, but I guess the secret corner room was a right-side specific thing. I guess there's a staircase somewhere I haven't gone into. But I've been to EVERY OTHER ROOM!
I just looked back through my notes and realized there was a staircase in a Patra room that I never actually went through. Clever work, Sean. Good on you. I find it again and go through, coming out in a Wizard  room with no doors. Oh, wizards. Oh, walls. I remember when you were both things that could stand in my way. Wizards die, walls explode.
I enter the next, final undiscovered room and find an annoying combination of wizards and Bubbles. They die, but then what is there to do? There must be a secret staircase.
I push some blocks until I find something that gives, opening a staircase in the corner. Inside, another arrow. This one's a different colour, though. Must be an upgraded version. Gee, thanks for giving me a new weapon in the final dungeon, game. I really needed that.
Wait. Maybe I DO need it. Maybe it's like the Light Arrows in the other games, and Gannon needs to be hit with one to be damaged.
I look back through my last post and find what path I took to get to the boss, running through it again. It's all about to end, readers. I'm about to take on Gannon.
Here we go.
I ENTER. I hold up the Triforce and he appears to ominous music, only to vanish again. I attack the thin air. It's working this time! I don't know what's changed, maybe now I'm actually aiming properly. I attack again and again, all the while avoiding his fireballs.
Finally, I hit him and he turns brown! Is this it? Is this his defeat? I attack, but nothing happens. The arrow! Equip, shoot...


Music plays and I lie back on my bed in my mother's house, a large grin on my face. I've beaten The Legend of Zelda, one of the most important games to have ever be released on the NES. I started this quest in another suburb, when my parents were still married. Since then I've lost and gained a number of new friends, attended university, and stopped playing video games altogether. I've just been sitting on the internet, doing almost nothing important.
But today I did something. I played a video game and beat it after starting it nearly two years ago. Not only that, but I've blogged about it since day negative 62 or something. Now, the story is finished, and I can rest knowing that I've actually finished a project I started on. Maybe I can get started on finishing all the others.
And now, readers, I thank YOU. The ones who read this. Whether you followed this story from the beginning, somewhere in the middle, or you're reading it now, after its completion... thank you. Thank you for taking your time to read the bloggings of a geeky kid who strived not to achieve greatness, but to finish something for once in his life. This has been more than just a playthrough of Zelda for me, and I hope that it's been more than that to you, if only because of the personal touch added to these posts through my own personal writing style and numerous curse words.

Now, I will leave this blog and its 32 posts in cyberspace, for anyone else to read and as a memorial of this particular event in my life, however insignificant.
Once again, thank you.

 - Sean Mackey, Gamer.

P.S: Fuck the Second Quest. Just no.

The Beginning of the End

First off (after digging out my map again), go to the Fairy Fountain and Potion shop, via warps. Then, back to Spectacle Rock to take this mother down.
... I have no idea what to do next. I guess I'll revisit the rooms I can until I find bombs to attack the walls with. I should probably go BUY some, but that takes too much time and I've already braved the mountain once.
WHELP 1.5 ROOMS LATER AND I'M ALREADY DEAD. This is going so fucking well I can't believe it.
And again.
One more death before one of the wizards gives me a Clock and I can actually get past the room that's killed me four times already. In the next one, I get some bombs. This is going a little bette-never mind, the snakes in the Eye room killed me.
Although NOW I can start bombing the walls to get to the other side of what I'm assuming is a skull-shaped dungeon (moreso the stereotype of villainous abodes than the currently explored region of the map).
I bomb that room, that room, tha-WHY THE FUCK DID THE WIZARDS RESPAWN!? LITERALLY NO OTHER ROOMS HAVE HAD THEIR ENEMIES RESPA-it's those FUCKING BUBBLES. Rooms don't respawn if they have at least one living enemy in them, don't they. Well shit.
I bombed the wall before they killed me, but no luck anyway. In the next one there was nothing, but I DID get more bombs, so I can go through the stairs in the Eye Room to check the walls in the other rooms.
... died in the process, but I got to the last room I could. Past the guy that said "GO TO THE NEXT ROOM". Thanks, old man. I would never have done it without you.
None of the rooms could be bombed out of the way, but I DID find a staircase by pushing a block in the last room. I don't know why I missed it last time, but there you have it.
I emerge in a room with three locked doors. How adorable. I unlock all three with my Skull Key before even going through any of them. Then I go up.
Bad idea. Try left... much better. Room of bats, easily killed. Left again... a staircase, another Patra and a key (how cute). Destroy Patra and his posse and check up (leave the staircase for later). LikeLike room. TO the left... Slimes and a locked door upwards. Past that, a pretty basic Wizard room (2 of each type), then another with Blades and a secretly accessed Staircase. I've gone as deep as I can go door-wise, so I take the stairs.
OOH, THIS ROOM IS TERRIBLE. Blocks in the way, wizards all up in my business and Blades in the corners. Not to mention this room has NO DOORS. I could bomb them, but... actually yeah I'll do that. Yay, a room to the left! More stairs, to another FUCKING PATRA. Kill it, then go up...
... why am I holding up the Triforce? What's happening? HOLY FUCK IT'S GANNON WHAT HAPPENED OMFG WHAT DO I DO KILL IT
Okay I died. That was WEIRD. Only about 3/4 of the dungeon explored and I already find him? And where was the Map or the Compass? The special item? Is there even a special item in the final dungeon?
I'mma explore some more.
After healing/buying potions.
Okay I'm back.
I head to the Eye Room (which isn't really an eye but I've been calling it that since the beginning of this post) to get to the upper-right dungeon quadrant to the to the lower-left quadrant.
In the room where I could've taken three previously locked doors (hahaha locks), I went down. More wizards and a locked door to the right. In there, two REALLY fast blue snakes. The wand makes it easy, but they still took off quite a bit of life. Down the staircase I go.
I'm in the lower-left corner of the map. Man, I could've WALKED here. Thanks a lot. Now to try the door UP from the locked trio.
FUCK IT'S INSANE IN HERE fuck I'm dead. Dammit, I should've drank the damn potion. I get back there and thoroughly whoop them all. There are no doors here, but there's a blank space on the map up from here. Bombing the wall shows an old man.
"PATRA HAS THE MAP". Which one, old man? Which bloody one?
Off I go to uncover the rest of the map. My search leads to a room of LikeLikes and Blades. Pretty simple stuff. Up again and there're more wizards. Killing them and going up.
ANOTHER PATRA. Maybe THIS is the one with the map... nope. Hey, the doors are closing behind me and aren't opening up! What's going on here?
Next room, more blue snakes! Drink a potion and wand that shit up. I get Bombs and the door below me opens, as does the one ahead. Right of that room is an old man.
Who taught these hermits grammar? I could have guessed there'd be secret rooms in the skull's eyes, but it's good to be reminded. The eye on this side is three rooms down. First, a red Snake. Then some assorted low-level enemies. Bomb the lower wall, and... nothing. Didn't expect it to. Let's try the room to the right of it.
Oh hey, this is the room I couldn't get to from the other! Cool! It's a bit of a letdown, though. Not much there but some enemies.
Well where the hell do I go now? I've got an idea. The map is asymetrical, but it doesn't look like it should be. There's got to be some extra rooms over there. But first, how do I get out of this area? After the run of closing doors I'm trapped up here. Maybe some walls are bombable? Not one that leads into a closed room, though, so maybe... THIS one?
Success! The wall to the right of the room with inaccessible doors across the lava (only they're accessible from THIS side). And I'm on the right side of the dungeon, now! Find the room that lines up with the asymetrical part on the other side, bomb... yes! New room!
With a firebreathing statue. Nice. Down, and there's a key (awwww) with other enemies.
Down again, and wizards are all up in there. I'm nearly dead, and I ran out of potion. I try to fight, but... ugh death.
What the hell now? I've checked every room in this place and not a single Patra has given me the map. Is this another one of those hints that don't mean anything? No, not one that specific. Wait, I missed the Eye on the right! I just have to bomb my way through!
... crap, the only wall I can't try is one where the middle third is blocked off by blocks (haha). Maybe I have to bomb into that room, too? So try the room above it.
Hey, it worked! I can get into the Eye room!
... wizards. Well, I managed to get that far with only 3 hearts. Just gotta go heal and potion up and then I'll get right back on that horse.
In the meantime, I'll post this so you know I'm actually doing something. I'm still playing, just breaking up the post. This is intended to be the finale, after all!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Let's End This

Nearly half a year has passed since I last looked at this blog. I had completely forgotten about it, to be honest. Now, after a comment has reminded me of the gaping hole in my gaming knowledge, I return to Hyrule to finish this thing once and for all.
... once my brother gets off the damn TV.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Entrance to Death

First off: the manual lied. The whistle doesn't help at all with finding Death Mountain.

I looked back through my old posts to find if there were any Old Man secrets I'd yet to solve (minus the ones I know were badly translated and therefore mean nothing), and only came up with the one from last time ("SPECTACLE ROCK IS AN ENTRANCE TO DEATH") and the one from my first playsession: "EASTMOST PENINSULA IS THE SECRET". What could it mean? I've had that secret over my head since I first started this game.

I googled 'peninsula' in case a description would help. It says a peninsula is a piece of land with water on three of four sides. If we assume Hyrule is surrounded by water, then there are two locations that fit this description, both in the eastmost parts of the map. Huh, I guess I DID solve that one, as one of them's already been pillaged of a heart.

But the other one just has a staircase leading down, but nothing on the screen below it going up. I always assumed a staircase somewhere else lead there like a secret or something, but I've been all around the map and haven't found anything like that. INVESTIGATION TIME!

I warp nearby and check out the screen below it. I was going to try bombing the wall, so I walked up to where I thought the path went and moved up to get as close to the wall as possible... and just walked over the wall. I emerge on the top screen, the secret music playing. Really? That was the secret this whole time? An invisible staircase? Wow. Inside the room or whatever, there's a nice moblin who offers me money. Let's see how much it is... HOLY BALLS 100 RUPEES! THANK YOU, MOBLIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Okay. Now it's time to find Death Mountain. According to the Old Man, "SPECTACLE ROCK IS AN ENTRANCE TO DEATH", so that's where I should go. 'Spectacle' means glasses, so somewhere there must be two symetrical rocks. Ooh, there they are! In the north! So I prepare. I warp home and buy my potions and heal at a nearby fountain. Then, whistle to dungeon 6 and walk off to Spectacle Rock. I get there and if it's not the most guarded overworld location I've seen. I kill the sword-dragons and the sand things to have some peace while I work. I bomb the center of the right rock and reveal the entrance. Here we go, guys! Death Mountain! Level 9! THE FINAL DUNGEON AWAITS!

The music is different than other dungeons, more dangerous. Ahead, there's a room that looks like an old man room but no old man. The "well done" music plays and two previously closed doors open. I know this one, readers. This was the room with the Old Man telling me a phrase that was very important to this blog. Important, for it was the inspiration for this blog's title. "ONES WHO DOES NOT HAVE TRIFORCE CAN'T GO IN". Well I have Triforce, sir. I have Triforce.

I go left and encounter a room full of wizards and bubbles. The bubbles stop me using my sword so I end up losing half of my health to the wizards before I manage to kill them all. Further through, there are more wizards and like-likes who kill me before I can use a potion.

I try again, this time using my potion in time and killing them all. There is no reward, no secret entrance or unlocking doors. What a total waste of time and a potion. I go through several more rooms, encountering more wizards and bubbles, dying again and using my last potion (already!?). In the empty fire room, I go a different direction and find some slimes that give me a key when I kill them. Aw, a key? That's adorable. I leave the pointless room and go back.

I've made a circle of rooms, none of which have doors leading anywhere else. There must be some secret rooms to find. I bomb a few walls and find one below a non-wizard room, with two snakes made of fire and a staircase. The snakes die by cold steel and I descend through the staircase. On the other end, there's a room with about four like-likes, who aren't much of a threat. Past that room, another full of wizards. NOPE. FUCK THAT SHIT. I'm just gonna slip right past these fuckers and deal with them another day.

In the next room: a fucking BUG MONSTER with lots of small bugs flying around him. I read about this guy: Patra. I have to kill all the little bugs before I can get to him. The wand doesn't seem to work on them, and they keep moving too fast for me to attack them. Like the room before this one, I say fuck it and skip it. Above Patra's room, there's an old man telling me to "GO TO THE NEXT ROOM". Okay, old man. I will. There're no doors, so there's obviously a bombable wall. Let's try the left one... there we go! I walk in and pretty much die in two seconds. More fucking wizards.

I go a different way and find a room with some BBBs, which are actually a really welcome sight. They're not as annoying as the wizards, so I don't mind them so much anymore. It's weird to think they once caused me enough frustration to make me swear my face off. Ah, memories...

Past them, there's a room full of bats. According to my map, this room is right above one of the first rooms in the dungeon, before the staircase from before. I try bombing the lower wall to connect the two sections, but to no avail. The left works, though. It's a room full of tiny slimes. I'm loving these easy rooms, I can tell you that! Past the slime room, there's a room with a platform on the bottom (where I am) seperate from the rest of the room. I can't get to any of the rest of the floor, I'd have to go around somehow. Pity.

I head back to Patra's room and go down. There're some more tiny slimes, who give me 5 rupees for killing them all. Further, more bats and some regular slimes. Again, I try bombing the lower wall to connect the two parts of the dungeon, but nothing happens. I head backwards and to the left, where there are three sections of the room, divided by blocks. In one, the one I'm in, there are two like-likes. In the next, two slimes, and in the third two useless bubbles. I kill the like-likes with the sword and use the wand to get the slimes in the next section. The room rewards me with bombs, but places them in the second section, where I can't get to them (and the boomerange doesn't pick them up). There must be a secret door below, and I have to come in from there to get the bombs.

I think I'll leave it here for today, I'm getting quite hungry and this whole blogging thing is taking up too much time. Nobody even reads this shit anyway, I don't know why I'm still writing it. I guess it's something to keep me going, to make sure I don't give up on something. I'll try not to give up.

And so, I leave my game with only 1.5 hearts left, no potions or bombs. Brilliant.

Hearts:   16
Rupies:   84
Bombs:    0
Keys:     A
Dungeons: EAGLE(1), MOON(2), MANJI(3), SNAKE(4), LIZARD(5), DRAGON(6), DEMON(7)
Deaths:   78

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10th Enemy Has The Bomb

Good afternoon, fellow humans. Today, I make for the final piece of the Triforce! Dungeon 8, here I come!

From my map, I see I've already found Dungeon 8, so I can just make my way there pretty easily from Dungeon 2. I first warp to the Fairy Fountain to heal, then whistle my way to Dungeon 2. Only a few screens away is the staircase where a lonely bush once covered the entrance, which I enter, excited.

I could go any direction. I choose left, and immediatly I'm met with Manhandla, from a few dungeons ago! There're also a few fireball-spewing statues, so I've got to avoid them, too. Manhandla goes down relatively easily, and gives me 5 Rupees as a reward. Really, Manhandla? Last time you gave me a fucking heart container. Continuing on, I find a room full of mummies and knights, but also a staircase. After killing the enemies I push away a block and descend, emerging in a room containing the dungeon's Secret Item! It's a Book of Magic, which apparently (according to the manual) increases the power of my Wand, letting me set things on fire with it!

I go back to the first room and go right, into a dark room which (when illuminated) has a messed up floor, some bats and slimes. Killing them, I realize I could bomb the walls in this room, as there is still some ground on each side. I don't have any bombs left, though, so I'll try later. Back at the start, I go upwards, finding ANOTHER Manhandla which goes down even faster than the first one. The room, however, is a dead end. I've reached as far as I can in this dungeon without bombs. Luckily this dungeon's within walking distance of a bomb seller! I'll just leave, buy some, then come back...

Back again, and I have to kill all the enemies in the right room again. I bomb the walls, but nothing happens. I go into the second Manhandla room (up), and bomb straight ahead. Yes! A secret door leading up! Inside, some blue knights and statues. I grab a key that sits in the middle, but nearly die in the process. With 1 heart left, I go up to escape, but come to another room full of enemies. I go back and, dodging the knights, unlock the door to the right. The Compass sits in the middle, but I'm killed by one of the many rabbits jumping around.

I go through the same rooms, getting back to the Compass room again. I collect it, but am killed again by another rabbit. The next time, I try to go to the room I tried to use to escape, but I have to kill all the blue knights in the previous room to unlock the door, who kill me. I'm not keen on starting over with 3 hearts, so I'm leaving to heal at a Fountain and get some bloody potions, both locations are near Dungeon 4.

I whistle to 4, but when I get to the potion shop I find I've only got 40 rupees, not nearly enough to buy a double potion. I'm not settling for that single-use crap, so I'm off to save up some money for it. After healing, I run around the place killing enemies. Also, now that I've got an infinite fire source (candle), I just go around burning every bush I come to. This finds me a staircase with a kind moblin inside, getting 10 extra rupees, a grumpy old man who demands I pay him 20 rupees, and another friendly moblin giving me 10. After fucking around near the bottom-left of the map, I see a dent in the cliff face, which is a little suspicious. I bomb around it and find a cave with a VERY friendly moblin, giving me 30 rupees! I've definetly got enough money, now! I head back, buy a double potion, heal again then Whistle to 2 and walk back to 8.

Back at the knight rooms, I try using my wand to kill them. They apparently aren't damaged by it, though, so I have to resort to swords and bombs again. Further in, I encounter another Gohma, who died easy enough by Arrow once she opened her eye for long enough. Past her, an old man gives me advice: "SPECTACLE ROCK IS AN ENTRANCE TO DEATH." Death? As in Death Mountain? The location of the Final Dungeon? That's interesting, old man. Thank you.

I go back to find a room full of rabbits and mummies, but also another key. Further down, another key guarded by several red knights. The red ones are easy enough, they die in one hit. It's the blue ones that annoy me. Even further, there's a group of mummies and both kinds of knights guarding a staircase. Inside, an alleyway to a room on the other side of the dungeon, filled with rabbits. I have to use one of my potions to survive, finally killing them all and progressing left. More red knights and statues await. In the next room, yet another old man tells me "10TH ENEMY HAS THE BOMB." Alas, old man, I know of your ramblings, and how badly translated they were. There is no tenth enemy, is there. I'm sorry, you senile old fool. I'll leave you in peace.

Back through the alley, I look in each room for ways I haven't been yet. The monsters have respawned, so I have to kill them all again, using up my second potion in all the chaos. In a knight room I try bombing a group of them, but accidentally reveal a hidden doorway. I LOVE those moments, don't you? Desparation leads to revelation? It's brilliant. Through the hole in the wall a third Manhandla awaits, dying in one bomb hit and rewarding me with some bombs and the Dungeon Map! The shape is revealed to be... a head of some kind? Maybe a horse? Googling now... Aha! Dungeon Eight: Lion Dungeon! It's a hell of a lot more beleivable than the last few dungeons, I'll say.

Through the next door, another Gohma lies. There are also statues, which make avoiding fireballs all the more difficult. It takes a little longer to get enough arrows through her eye, but she finally falls. Past her, more red knights guard this dead end of a room. My reward for killing them is a set of bombs. I can take a hint, Lion Dungeon. I bomb the walls to find... nothing. Oh. Well that was a waste of a bomb gift. I go back to the last Manhandla room and head right, bombing the rabbits and knights who wait there. There's another staircase, leading down to another Secret Item: THE LION KEY! YES! My spare 3 keys are totally useless now, because I've got the MASTER KEY! In your FACE, locked doors!

Back up the stairs, there appears to be a room to my left with no other access. I bomb the wall and get through, killing the rabbits inside (receiving some bombs in return) and going into the Lion's Eye to get 10 rupees! According to my maps, there are only 2 other rooms I haven't been in yet: the Triforce room and the Boss room. I'll backtrack to bomb each side of the Boss room to break through. I manage to get to two sides, neither of which yield access, before being killed by a knight.

Now I know where to go, I'm preparing myself. I leave the dungeon to heal and buy another set of potions (having to kill some more things to get enough money again) before heading back in. It takes me several attempts and both of my potions to get past the Rabbit room past the staircase (my third try teaching me that the rabbits die INSTANTLY with arrows, which also run through them). I get to the Old Man room and walk up to the room to the right, the only other possible entrance to the Boss of Lion Dungeon... and realize I'm out of bombs.


I have to leave the fucking dungeon AGAIN and buy more bombs. Then I do the whole fuckery again and get back to the same place, bomb the wall, and enter.

It's Gleeock again, this time with 4 HEADS! I don't even hesitate, I just run up and start fucking SWINGING. I even bomb his body, which actually does something this time. Each head flies off when it's defeated, shooting at me more. It almost kills me, but finally the whole things just explodes and the door to the Triforce opens. I pick up the Final Heart Container and head inside.

There it is. The final piece of the Triforce. The music plays and I escape the dungeon, checking my inventory just to marvel at the sight before me. I have the Triforce, readers. It is mine. All that's left to do is find Death Mountain and defeat Ganon. According to the game manual, now that I have all 8 pieces of the Triforce, my Whistle can take me straight to the entrance to Death Mountain.

Next time, readers, is the beginning of The End.

Hearts:   16 (MAX)
Rupies:   14
Bombs:    6
Keys:     A
Dungeons: EAGLE(1), MOON(2), MANJI(3), SNAKE(4), LIZARD(5), DRAGON(6), DEMON(7), LION(8)
Deaths:   74

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hungry Hungry Moblins

Oh hi there, readers!

Realized not long ago that I haven't given a report on how I've been this past year. Well, my parents moved apart, I barely visit my dad, and I've finished my first year of university studying Games Technology. That's pretty much my life this year. Onto the game report, which is a lot more detailed today for some reason. Today, I'm in the loungeroom with the Wii connected to a tiny TV on the table, because I feel old-school today and my regular TV is too high-tech to be oldschool. Also, the fan is running, because it's a fucking hot day today.

After checking my map, I realize I have no idea where Dungeon 7 is. That's a pity. I also check my items (hell, it's been a year) and I can't for the life of my remember what the Whistle did. I re-check my previous posts here and find that it shrunk Digdogger in one of the dungeons. Is that really it? That's the one purpose of the item? It can't be. I take it out and play it.

A TORNADO APPEARS! OH GOD WHAT DO I DO!? I stand there and let it sweep me up... and deposit me just outside of a dungeon? I go inside and see that it's Dungeon 2. Is that what it does? Take me to each dungeon? I play it a few more times and it takes me to Dungeon 1, the Dungeon 6, then 5... okay, so the Whistle teleports me to each of the dungeons in a cycle. That's pretty useful, actually! It's like I've just found 6 more warp points! Hooray!

It doesn't help with the Dungeon 7 dilemma, though. It seems to only take me to dungeon's I've already cleared, so I still have to find it on my own. I'll start by investigating landmarks I haven't explored before. Checking my map, I see there's a door in the wall a few screens away from Dungeon 6, and two adjacent ponds that look like fairy fountains not far from 3. I'll check out the door first.

I try to warp to Dugeon 6, but for some reason it takes me to different dungeons instead of cycling through them. This calls for some experimenting! I found that on the times where I move around before Whistling again, the cycle sometimes breaks, but when I'm still it stays. I also noticed that if the cycle breaks and I stand still after that, the cycle continues in the opposite direction. A few tests later and I've got it! If you're facing upwards, the Whistle cycles forward 1 (Dungeon 3 > Dungeon 4 > Dungeon 5), and if you face down it goes backwards (Dungeon 6 > Dungeon 5 > Dungeon 4)! That helps with distances between numbers, actually.

I end up getting to 6 and traverse the screens to the door. It turns out to be another general store, selling a shield, bombs and an arrow. Not really helpful. I Whistle to Dungeon 3 and head for the two ponds. Moblins are all over the place and nearly kill me before I get there, but it turns out that the pond to the right is actually a fairy fountain! While I heal, I realize the strangeness of the ponds. Why have two fairy ponds beside one another? It's just not necessary. I investigate the pond and find that it's just a regular pond. I even damage myself to see if fairies only appear when you're not at full health, but nothing.

BUT THEN, BRAINWAVE! The Old Man's clue from yesterday! "THERE ARE SECRETS WHERE FAIRIES DON'T LIVE"! According to my map, this is the only pond in the whole of Hyrule that isn't a fairy fountain! This is where the Fairies don't live! There must be a secret here!

... but what is it? Killing the single moblin doesn't do anything, neither does burning any of the four nearby bushes. Shooting the water with the wand does nothing. As with the arrow. And the wand. And the bomb. And the boomerang. Whistling just makes the water disapp-WAITWHAT? Yes! That's it! Playing the magic whistle makes the water disappear! And on the pond's floor, a staircase! BRILLIANT! And inside... *GASP!* IT'S DUNGEON 7!!

Inside, I can go either up or right. I go right, and find two fireball snakes, which die easily and give me some bombs as a prize. Up, there is a darkened room full of bats. Using the candle, I light up the room, then kill all the bats with my boomerang and sword beams. To the left, the room is full of blue Moblins and some fireball-shooting statues. The moblins die and give me some more bombs. If I go down, I end up back at the entrance.

I backtrack to the Bat room and go right, to a room full of more moblins. They give me more bombs, too. I'm sensing a pattern, here. Up, there's an old man with his wise words for me: "THERE'S A SECRET IN THE TIP OF THE NOSE." ... hehehe, I bet there is. Okay, back to the previous room. I go right and suddenly Digdogger is waiting for me! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, DIGDOGGER? I'LL KILL YOU! Whistle! Shrink the bitch! Divide into three! I will END YOU AND YOUR PIECES! I kept getting shot by the statues, but I managed to get him. He gives me some more bombs as a reward. Okay, Dungeon 7, I get it. I need bombs for something.

To the right, there's a room full of skeletons. One gives me a shiny new key, but the room is a dead end. I go back through the other rooms, but I can't find any other way to progress. Although, as every room and it's statue has been giving me bombs, I'm assuming there are some secret doors that can be bombed into existence. I start at the beginning and work my way through, bombing the sides of rooms. I find what I'm looking for in the first bat room, a secret door leading upwards to another skeleton-filled dark room. One gives the Compass, so I know where the Triforce (and the Boss) are hanging around.

TO the left, there are moblins of every colour shooting around. They don't give any rewards, unfortunately. I could go either up or left, so I'll start with left. HOLY BALLS THREE DODONGOS! I can see why I'll need a lot of bombs! They leave me with only 2 bombs left, and give me a measly 5 rupies as a reward. Thanks, guys. Though I suppose you're not here to make my quest any easier. Up is a locked door, but I'll check down first. Bats and traps, bats die and give me bombs (big surprise there). Down again, a room full of snakes, fire statues and a key. While the key is appreciated, the snakes and statues are not, the former not even giving anything for killing them all.

I head back to the locked room I skipped earlier and enter... it's another Old Man, this time asking me if I want more bombs and giving me the choice to pay him 100 rupies. No thanks, old man, I'm being given enough bombs around here for free, I'm not about to pay you 100 rupies (that I don't have anyway) for them. Back to the room I skipped before, there are bats, moblins and bubbles. I kill the first two and get hit by the third (over and over). In the next room upwars, there's ANOTHER Digdogger! How many of these things ARE there!? Whistle away, kill the three midgets, avoid the fireballs. Nothing is given when they die, which isn't very fair.

To the left, there's another gathering of multi-ethnic moblins and a locked door upwards. Inside, there's ANOTHER Old Man... wait, no! It's a moblin! "GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE" he says. That's strange. There's a door behind him, but I can't get past him. If I damage him, the fire shoots at me, so that can't be the answer. I backtrack, checking all the other rooms, but there doesn't seem to be a way through except through the moblin, who won't move until I give him what he wants.

Which is what, exactly? I have no idea. After quite a while of thinking, readers, I am sorry to say that I cheated. I googled the phrase "GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE" and found the answer that way. HOWEVER, I did not look at a FAQ or walkthrough or anything, I found a message in a forum post that explained the moblin's desire. Turns out the guy's just hungry, and wants some Meat. I'm hoping this is an okay move, but let's face it. If I didn't, we'd be stuck here for another year or two while I stop updating until I figure out that "GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE" means "BRING ME A PARTICULAR ITEM." So, yeah. I've saved you some waiting time. You're welcome.

My map shows that I've already found the Meat, it was being sold for 60 Rupees in the same store where I bought the Blue Ring, which is also within walking distance of Dungeon 7! That's really convenient! So I leave the dungeon, walk to the shop (stopping at the Fairy Fountain to heal) and buy the Meat. Yay, I have a full inventory for the first time! I toddle on back to 7 and head back to the hungry moblin (unfortunately having to kill everything all over again). I drop the meat and the secret music plays as he fades away, along with the food.

In the next room, I find the map amid some more bubbles, bats and blue moblins! The shape of Dungeon 7 is revealed! ... I have no idea what to make of this. It looks like another snake, kinda? Hold on, Google time... Oh, wow. Hehe. It's meant to be a demon. How the hell are we getting THAT from THIS? Whatever. Dungeon Seven is now christened as... Demon Dungeon! That actually sounds pretty cool.

I light up the room and see just how weird the floor is. I skip across to kill all the moblins when I notice something strange. There's some floor at the top of the room, but there's no door. There's also no room on the map there. I, however, don't believe such piffle. I bomb the wall and sure enough, there's a secret room with 10 rupees inside! That's kinda cool, it being not on the map and all!

Back the the previous room and to the right, there's a room of moblins that unlock the upwards room when killed. There, there's another Moblin Diversity Celebration, who give 5 rupees unlock the door to the right. Inside, more moblins and statues, but also a key. There is no other way through, however, so I backtrack.

I noticed the 'eye' on the map. There've been rooms in 'eye' screens before, and the room just a few paragraphs ago wasn't on the map... I bomb the wall leading into the 'eye' and PRESTO there's my way through! The Eye room has some moblins and a staircase, which opens with the push of a block. I can hear the Boss growling from here, so the Boss room must be just below the Eye. Down the stairs, the secret Item for this dungeon lies: the Red Candle. I test it out, and it seems to be exactly like my Blue Candle, but it can be used multiple times per room. Nice.

I head back to the Eye room and try bombing the wall to the right. It opens, leading to more moblins and two locked doors. Finally, the mystery of my two Spare Keys is solved! In the upwards room, there's just two fire snakes who give nothing, and no bombable walls. To the right, another Digdogger. The fear has worn off, by now, though. It's easy to deal with them now. Whistle, kill. Done. Upwards, three more Dodongos. They too, are killed with minimal worrying. Past that room is just a room with some blue hands and bubbles, but nothing else.

I backtrack to find how to enter the Boss Room, bombing through some walls to get to the room just below it... but nothing gets me through to it, nor to the two rooms to the left of it. It seems there must be a staircase somewhere that takes me there, it's the only other explanation for the closed-off rooms. I check each other room for moveable blocks or other doors, eventually coming back to the room with the hands and bubbles. I kill the hands and push several blocks, eventually finding one that opens a staircase in the corner. Why did I skip this room earlier?

Down through the bat-filled alley, I come out two rooms left from the Boss, killing the moblins I find in this room and the snakes in the room to the right. This is it, guys. The Boss of Demon Dungeon. I enter from below, and emerge into the room to find... the Dragon from Dungeon 1? What are YOU doing here? It doesn't answer, just starts shooting fireballs. This may be a challenge, the bosses must get harder in future dungeons. I run forward, getting hit by one of the fireballs and placing my last bomb at the Dragon's feet. It explodes, damaging him. I run in again, stabbing him with my sword... and he dies, just like that. Huh. I guess they aren't stronger. That's embarassing for them.

I collect my new heart and enter the sacred Seventh Triforce Room. I raise it above my head and punch the air as the music plays and the dungeon vanishes around me. Dungeon Seven, Demon Dungeon: Complete! And it seems to be the first dungeon I've completed without dying once! That's a OWDNHTCGI first, I think!

Well, we're going strongly, guys. Back for two days and I'm already 1 piece away from completing the Triforce. I'll see if I can get back to this again tomorrow or the day after, maybe I can finish this thing sooner than I think. The end is on the horizon, readers!

Hearts:   15
Rupies:   84
Bombs:    0
Keys:     1
Dungeons: EAGLE(1), MOON(2), MANJI(3), SNAKE(4), LIZARD(5), DRAGON(6), DEMON(7)
Deaths:   67

P.S: I got rid of the Twitter thing, as it's pointless.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

F***ing Finally

Oh hi there. Bet you're surprised to see something, aren't you?
Yes, it has been nearly a year since I last updated this blog. I'd like to make some excuse, that I decided to pour myself into my studies, or family problems got in the way... but honestly it was a combination of not really feeling like playing and up and forgetting about it entirely.
Yesterday, I remembered that the original Zelda was still in my pile of shame, so here we are.

After checking the map and warp points again (it's been a while), I come to the doors of Dragon Dungeon. Through the rooms I go (where unfortunately NOTHING comes back to me, so I'm essentially flying blind here), killing entire rooms of Wizards, Slimes and Bats respectively. I completely forgot about the fireball-throwing statues in the third one, so that was an interesting surprise. I nearly died right there, but managed to get all the bats and progress.

OHWOW. The next room has quite a number of enemies. Taking them all out leaves me with only one heart left, so I'll have to be really careful from now on. Next room... is filled to bursting with Wizards. While trying to kill one, I completely missed another one teleporting above me until it had already killed me with it's magic beam (or whatever they're called). Let's try that again, shall we?

Next attempt... the first wizard room nearly killed me, but one gave me a magic clock so the rest were easy pickings. I somehow get past the bat/statue room without taking damage, and the multi-enemy room is somehow empty. I guess their destruction carries on with my next life, unlike every other room. I enter the next Wizard room... and die 1 second later. Fuck.

The above pattern repeats another 2 times, then I manage to get past the Wizard room and end up dying by walking into a slime two rooms later. The same happens AGAIN, this time getting past even the last room I died in. BUT THEN ANOTHER WIZARD ROOM. Die, they say. I accidentally oblige.

But the NEXT time, I get through ALL THE ROOMS! I find a room that seems to be a dead end with more wizards inside... and die there. I'm beginning to see why this blog is so scarecly cared for, it's basically me tell you the many ways of dying in this game. Screw all this death, I'm getting some Life Potions. I save and start again, going to instead of the warp to the Old Woman's cave to get some potions. It sets me back a bit, but it's worth it. Also, before leaving for the dungeon again, I warp as close to a fairy fountain as I can and heal up before warping back and entering Dragon Dungeon once more.

I get just as far as last time before dying again. Starting again with 3 hearts? Fuck that. I use up one of my 2 potions right there and then. Further into the rooms, I decide to to right instead of downwards to the dead end from before, as according to my map I haven't gone in before. Inside I find a key (hooray!) and more enemies. Beyond that room is an old man, giving me his sagely advice: "THERE ARE SECRETS WHERE FAIRIES DON'T LIVE". So... everywhere? I'm sure there's more to it than that. I'll figure it out later.

I explore some more. More wizards, more... well, just more wizards. And some more wizards. I hate these wizards. Suddenly, I see yet another room I have yet to enter! Inside, another dead end and more FUCKING WIZARDS. The battle forces me to use my last potion to survive. Finally, the room is cleared. But nothing happens. So this really was a dead end. I leave the room and-HAH GOTCHA. Of course it isn't. One moved block reveals a glorious staircase. Inside... THE ITEM! It appears to be a staff of some kind. That's actually really friggin' appropriate, given the amount of magic beams I've had to deal with thus far. A quick test on some BBBs in a nearby room shows that the wand (I think that's it's official name) sends out the same beam of magic the Wizards do, which does less damage than my sword given the BBBs explosion into bats. Useful, I guess.

AND NOW, with the Item in hand, there is no reason for me to remain in this place. I head for the boss room, crossing the floor where the boss used to tread (before I murdered it, of course), and enter that awesome room with the little triangle that just screams "WELL FUCKING DONE!"

Dungeon Six, Dragon Dungeon, is defeated! Returning to the surface, I celebrate by killing a nearby dragon sword thingy and saving, done for today. I now have 2 extra keys... what will they be used for? The mystery remains to be solved. In all, I find this a passable return to the Quest. I'll try to play again tomorrow, as I've now got another small TV to use instead of using the large TV which I'm sure my brother will be trying to use to play Skyrim or MW3 or some other thing. With that, Adieu!

Hearts:   14
Rupies:   44
Bombs:    11
Keys:     2
Dungeons: EAGLE(1), MOON(2), MANJI(3), SNAKE(4), LIZARD(5), DRAGON(6)
Deaths:   67